DVB 2 DVB = Transmodulation

HDC-7016: DVB-S2 to DVB-C

Trans-Modulator HDC-7016

16x FTA SAT & IP/ASI to 16 QAM Trans-Modulator

Transmodulating means nothing else than converting a DVB reception method here satellite TV DVB-S(S2x) to DVB-C. In this not only the high frequencies and their bands as well as the bandwidths and their limits (DVB-C approx. 51Mb/s) must be considered but also the internal DVB-MPEG tables. A typical and compact application is a hotel with coax cabling. Converting the 16 transponders into 16 DVB-C QAM channels is a cost-effective variant in a device that brings international TV and radio content to the rooms, lobby and bars/restaurants via ASTRA and Eutelsat.


  • 16 DVB-S2x FTA Tuner, 2 GigE Input, 2 ASI In, 1 RF out
  • Up to 512 channels TS over UDP/RTP, unicast and multicast IGMP v2\v3 input
  • 16 non-adjacent QAM carriers output, compliant to DVB-C (EN 300 429) and ITU-T J.83 A/B
  • 16 multiplexed or scrambled TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP outputs
  • CA PID filtering, remapping and PSI/SI editing, Accurate PCR adjusting,
  • Up to 180 PIDS remapping per channel
  • Supporting DVB general scrambling system (ETR289), simulcrypt standards ETSI 101 197 and ETSI 103 197
  • Web based Management = NMS Network Management, 1x GbE Streaming


Download the Datasheet PDF