Video / TV Encoder - Streamer

Head-End Encoder - Decoder

HeadEnd 19'' Broadcast-Encoder and -Decoder

Professional DVB-TS conform 19 inch Rackmount Encoder/Decoder supporting various I/O Interfaces: ASI, HD-SDI and HDMI to Uni-* Multicast Out- and Input streams.

Please note: Modern encoding chipsets supporting the 'old historical' i=interlaced picture modes from Input but producing only p=progressive as output rates, e.g. from 1080i50 -> 1080p25 which has no disadvantage in picture quality

We offer several scalable Types and Models with different feature sets: 'EMU-' Headend- with HDMI-In (-86xx and -95xx) or SDI-In (-82xx and -92xx) and the Broadcast Version 'MPE-' Encoder -4400S (SDI) or H (HDMI) ...See also the Encoder-Streamer product page



Features in common:

  • 1x Network Management Service-(NMS-Web-Interface) and 1 or more GbEthernet data-streaming -port(s)
  • ASI output as Copy of an MPTS (Multiplexed Transport Stream) (optional)
  • Audio-Encoding: MPEG-1 Layer 2, LC-AAC, HE-AAC and AC3 Pass through*
  • Accurate PCR adjusting and inserting
  • Streaming Protocol's supported: Unicast RTSP and Multicast UDP/RTP
  • PID filtering and re-mapping
  • PSI/SI rebuilding and editing & “Null PKT Filter” function
  • Optional On-Screen Graphics, Scrolling Text, QR Code insertion*
  • *=Depending on Model and selected features when ordering

EMU- 92xx (HD-SDI) and EMU-95xx (HDMI-HD and UHD):

  • SDI (EMU-92xx) supports only up to Full HD in HEVC h.264 max. 1920×1080p60
  • 4/8/12×HD-SDI or HDMI 1.4/2.0 inputs
  • HEVC encoder parts (4 per module) supporting max. 4x 1080p60 while h.264 encoding is limited to 2ch per module
  • HDMI V2-Input support: max. 3840×2160p30 resolution: HEVC 2 channel/module, h.264 = 1 channel/module
  • Lower than FullHD: 1280×720p60 => Encoding 4 channel per module for h.264 and h.265
  • GOP Structure IBBP, IPPP
  • Video correction: De-interlacing, Noise Reduction, Sharpening
  • Audio-Encoding: MPEG-1 Layer 2, LC-AAC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC V2, AC3 Passthrough

Download the Datasheet PDF

MPE-4400S or H, S= SDI H=HDMI Inputs, Full HD MPEG2 and h.264 AVC broadcast Versions:

  • The MPE-4400 has 2 dual encoder modules: Each 2x Full HD in MPEG2 (p+i) and h.264 (p) max. 1920×1080p60
  • S and H Modules can be mixed in one unit = 2x HD-SDI and 2x HD-HDMI Inputs
  • Low Latency support: Normal, mode 1, mode 2
  • Up to 4 Stereo Audio Channels (8 Mono) supported per HD-SDI Input
  • MPEG1 Layer II, HE-AAC (v1 & v2), LC-AAC and DD AC3 2.0 audio encoding and adjustment: Support Volume normalization for AC3
  • VBR/CBR encoding rate control mode
  • Dual parallel ASI output and IP as MPTS and 4 SPTS, UDP/RTP
  • Audio-Encoding: MPEG-1 Layer 2, LC-AAC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC V2, AC3 Passthrough

Download the Datasheet PDF

The counterpart: Broadcast grade IP Input to HD-SDI Output Decoder

IGS-2000/4000/6000 Ip to SDI Decoder

  • The IGS-2000 comes with a modular - so scalable design with 2, 4 or 6 HD-SDI Outputs
  • 2x HD/SD-SDI decoding output with 2 Stereo Audio embedded in each port
  • DECODING 480i,480p,576i,576p,720p@50/59.94/60, 1080i@50/59.94/60
  • 2x IP input and 1 IP output
  • 2x Bi-directional ASI ports with input or output mode selectable
  • MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Video Decoding
  • MPEG1 Layer2, LC-AAC, HE-AAC, AC3 (2.0/5.1), AC3 Pass-through for Audio
  • Internal Re-multiplexer
  • CC/Subtitle support

Download the Datasheet PDF