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is an international acting company and expert in Digital TV and IPTV Systems
Providing multi Protocol HDMI- and SDI Encoder Streamer, DVB-IP Gateways, CATV Headend-Systems and -components from various Digital TV-Sources:
DVB over Satellite (-S2x), Cable (-C) and Terrestrial (-T/T2/ISDB-Tb) and full service interactive IPTV Systems - all managed by IRENIS / BLANKOM from Germany.

We primarily serve the Corporate- and Hospitality sectors, offering IPTV and DVB Components and Systemdesigns with Products and Solutions for Technicians & System Integrators.

Serving IPTV and Digital Signage System components to:

  • Corporate Networks, Broadcast & Media companies,
  • Venues - Exhibitions, Stadium, Arena and Casino Solutions,
  • Accommodation: Universities and student homes, Mining- and Campus- sites, Residential complexes, Yachts, Cruise Ships
  • Hospitality and Healthcare, Hotels, senior residence, retirement homes
  • Government & Federal Solutions: Oil- and Gas Rigs, Sport-TV and analyser software Companies, Tourist centers, Theaters and Operas, Military, Police- and Fire departments …
  • Corporate


    Corporate Business, Healthcare & Education Solutions: Deliver timely, impactful communications that engage and inform in business enterprise, public and education.




    Hotels, Guesthouse and Hospital Solutions: IP Video, Digital Signage and Viewer Experience Solutions for Cruise, Aged- and Healthcare and Workplace Accommodation.

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    Broadcast & Media: Encoding and Stream live broadcast quality content to any device, anywhere with continuous, error-free coverage, up to 12G 4K & HD SDI-IP distribution.

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    Stadium, Arena and Casino Solutions: Engage audiences and fans with live IP Video Streaming & Digital Signage Solutions for public viewing Area's, Airports and Shopping Mall's

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    Military and Police IP Video Streaming: Our IP streaming solutions give low latency and security the highest clearance from the field to stations and headquarters




    Government & Civil Service: Keep staff informed & support critical actual news and info's with our IPTV and Digital Signage solutions: IP Video content streaming

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    Our main focus: